Saturday, August 23, 2008

Barron's Sweet Friends

Barron's older friends, Sydney and Fordham, were sweet to play with Barron in his Exersaucer while I got dinner ready.

Barron's buddy Josh decided to come over and see what he was up to. They are only 6 weeks apart. Yes, that is drool coming from Barron's mouth. We are teething like crazy now.

And here is the whole gang together!!!

I Love My Boys

Barron enjoys watching some Fox News in the morning and on this morning Dylan decided to join us. I do love my boys; one 4 months and the other almost 7 years. I will treasure this picture forever!!!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Hola from Cabo

Barron's Uncle Patrick got married this past Friday in Mexico. So we packed up to go on our first vacation. I have been nervous about traveling with Barron for the last few months but it ended up going very well.

I have heard many horror stories about the plane ride being hard on babies ears but he did not even flinch. It was a huge relief!!!

The McCormick's were nice enough to let Bryan and I ride with them. Here we are right after we landed.

We got these sunglasses for Barron the same time Bryan got himself a new pair. This was the only time we actually put them on him. I don't really know why because they did not bother him.

Here is Barron and me at the rehearsal dinner. We forgot to get a babysitter for that night (you had to give 24 hour notice) so Barron got to join us. He was pretty good!!!

Not much to explain here. Just us hanging out in the pool.

Barron taking a nap by the pool. What a life!!!

We borrowed this float from another couple that brought a baby. We tried it a few times before and Barron really did not take to it. Saturday he decided he liked it and stayed in it for at least 30 minutes. He cannot completely hold himself up yet so we were holding him the whole time.

Today, on the plane ride home. It was a fun week!!!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Pool Time!!!

We made a short trip to Mississippi this past weekend and decided to get brave and put Barron in the pool. The Krutz's pool is salt water so I thought it would be the best pool to start off in. I think he enjoyed the few minutes he was in it, I know that we did.

Aunt Amy

Here are a few pictures of Barron with Aunt Amy. She is so sweet and good with him. We
are lucky to have her and cannot wait to make
more memories with her.
We are very excited about her visit here next weekend. See you soon!!!