Wednesday, March 24, 2010

How My Boy Has Grown.

My precious baby is about to turn 2 in a few weeks.  I have mixed emotions about that day, but it will be here before I know it.
Here is Barron last February looking out the window.  He was 10 months old and not walking yet.  I am sure he crawled over there and got himself up.  It is so hard for me to remember him like that.  He was so chubby then.
Here he is last month.  I remembered that pic (above) of him and wanted to see the height difference in a year.  The funny thing is, he's only about 3 pounds heavier now than he was then.
My tall little baby is unfortunately called a toddler now and likes to take care of his own babies.  They get to eat with us a lot of times at dinner.  And get a bite of food before Barron!  (whatever it takes to get him to eat.)

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Fordham Turns 4

Yesterday we went to our good friend's Morgan and Will's son's birthday party.  The theme was super hero's and Fordham dressed up as the dark Spider Man.
Barron does not have any super hero costumes so Fordham was kind enough to let Barron borrow one of his old ones.  So Barron went as Spider Man.
While out with Morgan and Will several weeks ago, and after a few cocktails, we got the great idea that Bryan and Will would dress up as well.  Bryan would be Batman and Will would be Robin.  That night we all thought it was the best idea ever!  I think the day of the party the idea became a little more embarrassing.   But both Bryan and Will stepped up to the plate and did it.
The kids loved them!  They were constantly wanting to wrestle with them in the jumpy house.
Most of the time Batman was playing with the older kids in the jumpy house but Barron got a little bit of time with him.  Morgan's Dad, who is also a Barron, dressed up as Spiderman.
Batman and Spiderman were nice enough to pause for a few minutes to pose with me.  (by the way there were 30 mph wind gusts and my hair was out of control!)
I just love my super heroes!!!
We had the best time.  I think Bryan and Will may have another way to make some money on the side.

Monday, March 8, 2010

The Weight Issue

So we went for our yearly check-up and found that everything is good except that Bailey needs to lose 15 pounds.  That is a lot for a dog.  This really upset Bailey, she hates diets!
She has definitely always been over-weight but I think I know where to direct most of the blame.
Since we leave food in the bowl all day for Dylan to eat when he likes, Barron has figured out that Bailey enjoys to get nibbles from that bowl throughout the day.  Don't worry he also feeds Dylan as well.
The other way Bailey gets fed is at the dinner table.  Barron does not mind dropping a few bites for her.
Hopefully we will get the weight issue under control!  I want her to have many more years with us.