Sunday, June 21, 2009

Father's Day

I first started this blog for mine and Bryan's families.  The closest family member we have is 6 hours away.  So this became a way for them to watch Barron grow and develop.  That is still the main reason I do it, but today I looked back at the blog from last Father's day and it made me realize a second reason.  That I also have his life pretty well documented for myself and Barron to look back at one day.  I definitely was not very good at the blogging in the beginning.  I couldn't figure out how to turn the pictures the right way for the first 3 months (thanks Aunt Lauren).

What a difference a year makes.  Today was definitely a lot different Father's day than last year!  For the most part today we stayed indoors but while the pro golfers took a break we decided to play a little outside.  We definitely looked a little redneck...

The dogs decided to join us.

I think Dylan had the most fun.

They cleared out and made room for me for just a second.

Barron and I are lucky to have Bryan in our lives.  Happy Father's Day!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Poor Bailey

Bailey is turning 7 next month which is getting up there for lab years.  I have said many times that she is the sweetest tempered dog I have ever been around.  She is a wee bit over weight and has been her whole life.  Barron is always wanting to play with her even while she sleeps.  The other morning I was cooking blue berry muffins when I turned around to find him like this:

Poor Bailey.  Now, he is trying to do it all of the time.  He is always on top of her in some way.  

I heard Barron run past me when I was checking something out on the computer.  I went looking for him and could not find him.  I started freaking out looking everywhere when I finally found him laying with Bailey on her bed.  It was so sweet.  By the time I got back with my camera Barron was coming after me.  I wish I had it documented!

How cute is Barron in these pajamas?  I think I can see a baby Lance Armstrong.... (those shorts kind of look like biker shorts)  

Sunday, June 14, 2009

My Birthday Present

I have been wanting a bike with a baby seat for a while now.  I decided to use my birthday money to go for it.  It came in Saturday and I felt like a child on Christmas.  I could not get home fast enough to try it out.  I decided to practice riding the bike before we added Barron on.  I was extremely nervous with him on the back, I definitely have some practicing to do!  (and no I did not mean to match the bike.)

Pink was the only color they had in stock with that style.  It would not have been my first choice but it serves its purpose.

Bryan decided he had to try it out.  If you are wondering why he has his shirt off he had just gotten done doing yard work and was hot.  How embarrassing is that tan?  And he says he lives in Florida!!!  :)

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Courtney and Wiley get Married

On May 30 my little brother, Wiley, got married to the sweetest girl, Courtney.  The minute I met Courtney I knew she would fit into our family immediately.  Wiley even proposed to Courtney in the same town and date (one day off) that Bryan proposed to me but 5 years later.  Weird!!!

There was a lot for us to do that weekend so my Mom found a lady from Church to watch Barron, Essie Belle.  She was very good with him and was a huge help.  She even brought him to the Church so that he could get his picture taken with us.

Barron and Wiley getting ready to go to the Church.  How cute are they?
Barron decided to walk around and sip on his sippy cup by holding it himself pretty much for the first time!!!  He loves some apple juice.

Wiley was generous enough to let Barron wear one of his old outfits.  It was the prettiest thing!  We got some great pictures out of it.  Over all the weekend went by way to fast and was very emotional for me, but was also one of the best.