Sunday, January 31, 2010

Meet Our New Pet

I am not sure where exactly I got the idea to get a fish.  Maybe it came to me the 10,000th time I watched Dorothy on Elmo's World.  But I decided to go get Barron A goldfish.  I thought or wasn't thinking it would be a wonderful experience for Barron to go to a pet store.  He did enjoy seeing the rabbits, eels, hampsters, and rats (yes I said rats).

But after getting everything we needed at the pet store and hanging out there a while longer we had to get on home.  This is when the breakdown started...
Barron then threw himself on the gross floor so I had to quickly grab him.  He left kicking and screaming all the way to the car.  It was a long trip home!
So I went to get A goldfish and left with three betta fish.  
Meet Blue Fish:
Red Fish:
and Turk the Jerk: 
 (he is a little bit more aggressive with the other fish)
Barron loves to watch them and he even helps me feed them.
Here is Red and Turk trying to fight, they are gorgeous when they puff up.  It's a little hard to see them because of the light switch.
I've been doing some research so hopefully they will live a long life.  This is their set-up in our kitchen...

Saturday, January 16, 2010

2009 Revisited

I know I am a little late, but I decided that I would post on Barron's big events of 2009.  It was full of many exciting one's and this post started getting really long so a lot was left out.  Sorry for the long post!

Barron was a little late at crawling.  We started out at a soldier crawl in January (9 months)...

Also in January we got to meet our cousin Patrick.

Barron got to enjoy his first Krutz family trip to Colorado.  He didn't go outside much but he had fun!

When we got back home Barron finally got on all fours to crawl (at 10 1/2 months)...

In April Barron turned 1.

And learned how to walk a week later.

In May, Uncle Wiley got married to Courtney.

In June, Bryan and I got away to celebrate our 5 year anniversary.

It's fun to live at the beach during the summer months because you get a lot of visitors...

We got to go to a few Ole Miss football games.

Barron visited his first pumpkin patch in Oxford, MS.  I got ragged to much for Barron's halloween outfit so I have decided to not re-visit those pictures!

Thanksgiving with the Krutz family.

Finally, Christmas!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


We had a very special Christmas in 2009.  It was a lot of fun to be around family and get to see Barron enjoy being around them as well.  He is such an entertainer and amazingly gets in a better mood when he is with more people.  (Maybe he is just tired of me and Bryan!)
We pretty much do the same thing every Christmas.  Christmas Eve night we open a present from my parents.  Barron got Elmo and was sooo excited.

How sweet is this picture...

We then eat turkey and dressing with my Granddad Hutchins and my Aunt Lauren and Aunt Leslie.  I got to talking to much so did not do a good job at taking pictures.  But here are a couple pics from the night...

My parent's have a piano that Barron has never payed attention to until now.  He became obsessed quickly and it was not the most pleasant thing you have ever heard!  Here is Uncle Wiley trying to help him out...

Barron does not quite understand Christmas yet, but he is starting to understand what presents are.  He was really excited to see his new toys in the den when he came in Christmas Day.  He got an electric four wheeler...

And also an electric train set, big blocks, and a wooden Noah's Arc set.

We also got to hang out with Aunt Amy.  She always takes over bath time with Barron to give "Ma" a break.

Happy New Year!!!