Sunday, January 31, 2010

Meet Our New Pet

I am not sure where exactly I got the idea to get a fish.  Maybe it came to me the 10,000th time I watched Dorothy on Elmo's World.  But I decided to go get Barron A goldfish.  I thought or wasn't thinking it would be a wonderful experience for Barron to go to a pet store.  He did enjoy seeing the rabbits, eels, hampsters, and rats (yes I said rats).

But after getting everything we needed at the pet store and hanging out there a while longer we had to get on home.  This is when the breakdown started...
Barron then threw himself on the gross floor so I had to quickly grab him.  He left kicking and screaming all the way to the car.  It was a long trip home!
So I went to get A goldfish and left with three betta fish.  
Meet Blue Fish:
Red Fish:
and Turk the Jerk: 
 (he is a little bit more aggressive with the other fish)
Barron loves to watch them and he even helps me feed them.
Here is Red and Turk trying to fight, they are gorgeous when they puff up.  It's a little hard to see them because of the light switch.
I've been doing some research so hopefully they will live a long life.  This is their set-up in our kitchen...

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