Sunday, February 28, 2010

Ski Trip

It has been a crazy month so I apologize for zero posts.  We got to go on our annual ski trip, except  without the entire Krutz clan.  The plan was Bryan, Barron and I to go with my parents and Fred and Cherry.  But because of this winter's crazy weather pattern my parents could not make it.
Barron is old enough this year to enjoy more things but is still not old enough to go skiing.  Hopefully next year I will be posting pics of Barron skiing!

He really loved the snow as long as he didn't have to touch it.  Unfortunately, he called it Wa Wa (which is what he calls water).  I corrected him over and over again but it just didn't work!  In the afternoons we would take Barron sledding.
 Then we would head to the swimming pool / hot tub.
One day we had a pretty good snow storm so everyone took the day off from skiing and we got to enjoy the town.  It had the cutest downtown area.
As excited as we were about going skiing with both Grandparents we were glad that one set was able to make it.  They were a lot of help!

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