Saturday, March 21, 2009

Spring Time

Last summer Barron was too young to get to do much outside. Now that he is older I am looking forward to this spring and summer. Just about daily now we are making a trip somewhere to play. Bryan's parents came to town so of course the first night we were at the beach watching the sunset.

It is taking some time, but we are slowly warming up to the sand.

Barron absolutely loves water, I am sure like most babies. When he hears me start his bath water he comes crawling in as fast as he can up to the tub. He will not allow me to move him away from it so I have to un-dress him right there. I figured he would like the ocean but did not know for sure. Well we could not get there fast enought.

We walked up and right after this picture was taken got drenched. It did not bother him one bit.

We were gross by the time we left but had fun.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Momma's Boy

Ok, so you are wondering why I have this picture. The other day I watched a show on baby elephants and when they travel around they hold onto their mother's tail.  I cannot get them out of my mind!  You might have to click on the image to see the entire thing.  

For some reason baby elephants reminded me so much of Barron! I know that sounds strange but in the last few months Barron has become the biggest Momma's boy. He follows me around (on all fours), if I am not holding him he screams until I get him back. Bryan says that I intentionally did this. I sometimes think that maybe he is right. Since I am not a stay at home Mom I have gone through many emotions about Barron not knowing who I am. Well he definitely does now.  I try to let him play by himself on the floor and the minute I put him down he immediately starts after me.

If he is playing on the floor he has to be touching me.
I am so in love with this stage.  As much as I want him to walk, I love his dependence on me.  I know this will end so I am savoring every minute of it!

Saturday, March 7, 2009


Not a trait I would like Barron to learn, but who can pass up bacon!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Beach Day

It was so pretty here last week that I got the great idea to take Barron to the beach.  It was a little windy but I thought we should go for it any way.  Well I did not realize how windy it was until we got there.  It took some trying to even get our towels to lay down.  I think we were there for an entire 10 minutes.  Enough to get some pictures.  Y'all are probably forgetting that we even live at the beach.  So here is some proof...

Barron always attacks Bryan when he has his sunglasses on.  He loves to take them off his face.