Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Beach Day

It was so pretty here last week that I got the great idea to take Barron to the beach.  It was a little windy but I thought we should go for it any way.  Well I did not realize how windy it was until we got there.  It took some trying to even get our towels to lay down.  I think we were there for an entire 10 minutes.  Enough to get some pictures.  Y'all are probably forgetting that we even live at the beach.  So here is some proof...

Barron always attacks Bryan when he has his sunglasses on.  He loves to take them off his face.


Anonymous said...

Well, I'll be darn -- you do live at the beach!!! Love the photos -- keep them coming!!! Can't wait for you all to get back to Columbus for another visit. Love to all and kiss Barron for me!


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