Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Sorry, it's been a while...

Sorry, I have been really bad with keeping up with the blog and we feel really bad...

It has been extremely busy here.  During our extra time we have been getting Barron out to the beach and pool as much as possible.  So this has been what we have been doing during our down time.

Barron's hair is getting blonder and his skin is getting tanner.  He is starting to look like a beach boy!  He is getting a lot better at talking.  He can count to ten and repeat the alphabet.  He can say the first few letters by himself but then he needs help reminding him of the rest.
I am sure a lot of you have heard but the reason I have been so busy is because Celia and I are opening another store.  It will be called Willow + Woods, clothing for men and women.  Here are a few pics of it with nothing in it.  You can see Barron in the background running free.  (but not for long)

I promise I will do better with the blog.  Happy Memorial Weekend!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Party Time!!!

Since we were in California for Barron's second birthday I decided to have Barron's birthday party after we returned.  We live in a community that is right on a big lake, that has docks lining it.  I thought it would be fun to grill out next to it.
It was a lot of work but thankfully my sweet husband did not play golf that day!  The party was on a Sunday making it hard for our families to make it.  But my sweet Mother drove all the way here for one night to be at Barron's party.  It meant the world to us and she was a big help.
For some reason most of Barron's age group here are boys.  We try to get together weekly, so they have gotten to really know each other.  It's fun to watch them play.
I do not have any close ups of Barron's cake but I am happy to say that it was spelled correctly!!! 
We are blessed with so many great, supporting friends.  It makes having parties much more fun.