Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Happy Birthday Amy!

My sister, Amy, turns 30 tomorrow. She has always been a wonderful sister and tried to be my second Mom while growing up. You can tell she took great care of me. Hope you have a great day Amy. Love you, wish we could celebrate your 30 years of life with you!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

What A Weekend

I think everyone in the South this weekend loved being outside.  It's funny how much you can enjoy 84 degree weather when there is low humidity!  We tried to do as much as possible outside. 
 It's obvious that Barron has been closely watching me walk the dogs.  He now insists helping walk Dylan.  Even though Dylan is 1/8 the dog of Bailey, he is the harder dog to walk. (our alpha dog!)  So we only allow Barron to walk Dylan to the door...

This morning Barron decided he needed to get himself looking good for Church.  He had to brush all that hair of his!  (Good thing he did or it would have been all in knots.)

He loves to give his Mama some hugs...

Then off to the beach.  After such a busy summer it was nice to have our beach all to ourselves.

Barron had his free range of running and playing in the sand.  Bryan tried to teach him how to shovel sand to make a castle.  He is still learning.

Barron's favorite thing to do at the beach is run towards the ocean and then away.  He probably did it for 20 minutes straight, pretty good exercise.  I may start doing it with him!

Hope y'all had as much fun as we did!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Dylan, Hair, and Shoes...

As I have stated in the past, Dylan does not like children.  I was really hoping that Barron was going to change that.  From the start Dylan was the dog (surprisingly not Bailey) to follow me upstairs to Barron's room every time I went.  No matter the time of day or the amount of times I go up there he follows.  
Barron has probably been the perfect baby to handle Dylan.  He knows how to approach him and he knows how to gently pet him.  

I have finally come to the conclusion that Dylan may not love children but he loves Barron.  Dylan has decided to start giving Barron kisses and Barron loves this.   They do this all day long...

It has taken 16 months, but I think Barron's hair is starting to come in.  We are still trying to figure out the genes that caused this.  Both Bryan and I had a lot more hair than this.  We think it may have come from Uncle Wiley!  See below what we have gotten in...

If you are wandering what he is doing, he is OBSESSED with shoes.  If anyone leaves their shoes on the floor, he is definitely going to pick them up and play with them.  Such a fun toy!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Cabo Tme (part II)

Well we had a fairly easy trip to Cabo, or at least I did.  While Bryan lugged around all of our luggage I had people coming over to check on me.  Here is Bryan and Barron taking a break while waiting on the plane to arrive.  

Barron really enjoyed having a lot of people around to give him plenty of attention.  He definitely knows how to entertain a crowd.  (even if he has to take a break to have some milk!)

I tried to make sure he did not get too much sun, so I kept this rash guard on him while he was out in the sun.

We had fun taking Barron out on the green to play.  It seems that every picture I got of him he was running.  That made for some funny pics.  I think Bryan looks the funniest here:

Here is Barron with some of his Grandparents, they were sweet and it made me wander what it would be like to have them around all of the time:

Some of the men let Barron in on the wine talk.  We all bring our alloted amount to Cabo even discussing before hand the amounts of white and red.  With all of that being said a lot of good ones come so there is a lot of discussions about them.  Barron was just glad to be a part of it!

One last pic of the Krutz family (excluding a few little ones):

See you later alligator...

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Some Big Shoes to Fill...

So Barron has some really big shoes to fill... (and despite what the picture shows the shoes to fill will be mine!)

We are a little short handed in the Krutz household right now and are going to have to put Barron to work.  While catching Barron before he fell down the stairs Friday afternoon my shoulder popped out of socket.  It has happened before, six times to be exact, back in high school.  I even had surgery to correct it.  I guess it was just the right position for it to happen, since this only happens to 3% of patients after surgery. Lucky Me!  Bryan rushed home and we got Bryan's sweet cousin, Anne Elizabeth, to help us while we went onto the ER.  They popped it back in (after 3 hours of it being out).  

We are all good, I just have to wear this sling for several days and cannot pick anything up.  My arm is extremely soar and I can barely move it.  They want me to leave it beside my body.  So Bryan is even having to help me pull my hair back.  This was his first time to ever try this and probably his last...

We leave tomorrow for a trip to Cabo.  So tomorrow is going to be a very interesting day, hopefully we make it!  Bryan said "he will just have to be a pack mule."  We have both sets of Grandparents going so Bryan should get to relax as well.