Sunday, August 23, 2009

What A Weekend

I think everyone in the South this weekend loved being outside.  It's funny how much you can enjoy 84 degree weather when there is low humidity!  We tried to do as much as possible outside. 
 It's obvious that Barron has been closely watching me walk the dogs.  He now insists helping walk Dylan.  Even though Dylan is 1/8 the dog of Bailey, he is the harder dog to walk. (our alpha dog!)  So we only allow Barron to walk Dylan to the door...

This morning Barron decided he needed to get himself looking good for Church.  He had to brush all that hair of his!  (Good thing he did or it would have been all in knots.)

He loves to give his Mama some hugs...

Then off to the beach.  After such a busy summer it was nice to have our beach all to ourselves.

Barron had his free range of running and playing in the sand.  Bryan tried to teach him how to shovel sand to make a castle.  He is still learning.

Barron's favorite thing to do at the beach is run towards the ocean and then away.  He probably did it for 20 minutes straight, pretty good exercise.  I may start doing it with him!

Hope y'all had as much fun as we did!

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