Tuesday, November 16, 2010


I have been dying to take Barron to Disney World for a long time.  Since neither Bryan nor I have been there in years we really were not sure what a good age is to enjoy it.  I figured this was the last time we could make it for a while so we decided to go for it.
Barron's favorite show is Mickey Mouse so one of my main goals was to let him meet the characters.  We were given a guide for Bryan's birthday and boy was she helpful.  She new exactly where to find them.

Barron could also do most of the rides.  Several were a little scary for him, and we probably should not have taken him on the Haunted House ride.  But he did enjoy most of them.  I did not go on the tea cup ride, but I did get to see them try to find a cup to ride in.  When they let people into the ride, they got pushed away from several of them by little girl's and their mothers.  It was hilarious, they almost didn't find one.

At the end of the first day, I cannot tell you how tired I was.  We watched the 3:00 parade and then headed back to take a nap.  You can see how both of us were feeling here.

I was very surprised how many shows were available at every park.  We were a little hesitant, but our guide was very persistent about us going to them.  I loved all of them, especially the Lion King show.  Our guide got us the royal treatment and both Bryan and Barron were chosen to participate in them.
The animal kingdom was not there the last time that Bryan and I were able to go.  We really enjoyed seeing the animals and the atmosphere of a more laid back park.
I am so thankful that we went and got that time together.  It will be quite a different experience the next time we make it there with 3 kids.  I saw several Mom's loose their kids, so I will probably have ropes on all of them!  

Monday, October 18, 2010

We are 95% sure...

So we went to the doctor today in hopes of finding out what the sex is of the babies.  We were at the beach office that does not have the best ultrasound machine.  I have to wait for my next appointment to go to the main office for the big check up to get the 100% ok.
But we decided to let you in on what we were told today:

Barron would not look at the camera once, he was too busy looking at the tv even after we turned it off!
The sex could change again, but Dr. Wolf seemed confident enough to give us 95%.

Monday, October 11, 2010

I failed at my first attempt

Bryan decided to take a last minute trip to the Ryder Cup in Wales.  When this trip started getting planned, I started planning something else in my head, a big surprise for Bryan!  I imagined Bryan walking in the door and picking up Barron and realizing he was wearing big boy underwear.  It was a great dream, but unfortunately that was all it was.
I have heard from lots of people since Barron is a boy to just wait until he is 3 to potty train.  Well since we will have two more babies by then, I decided I have to get this conquered.  Barron does go in the potty a lot for us, but we have never just taken off the diaper.  While Bryan was watching golf and sightseeing in Europe...
I was going to be spending 3 days locked in the house with Barron.  At the start of day 1, I put Barron's new underwear on and of course took pictures.
If you had seen a picture of me at the end of the day, it would have been me crying.  Every time he forgot to tell me first that he had to use the restroom, I continued to replace the underwear, as well as wash my slipcovers.  After the fourth pair, I took them off completely and Barron went around with a t-shirt on only.  Barron continued to get frustrated with me taking him to the restroom, so he threw a temper tantrum every time I tried.  So by afternoon I was resorting to him going outside.  We definitely look like the rednecks of the neighborhood now!  After many mess ups, I decided to give up and wait for Daddy to get home to help me.
So we ended up joining Grandma at the beach for the next two days.

We are going to give it another go soon.  I am pretty sure with Daddy here, Barron will behave a little better!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Wow, it's been a while!

I am so sorry for my absence, but I think I have a really good excuse!  I am sure the majority of you know that we are expecting twins.  Because of this, I decided I better change the header from Barron's name to the entire family since the twins will be included soon.
Since I have not blogged since the end of July I better show a few pics of Barron and Patrick in Cabo.  They have a love/hate relationship.  They are always glad to see each other, but then immediately start yelling "mine."  Uncle Cole was even the target one day!
Here is the beginning of a fight over the rock.
Here they are getting along watching the fish.  They were always fun to go feed in the mornings.
Grandma got the grandkids matching swimsuits to get a picture in.  This became more difficult than we thought and this was the best one that I got.  Ellie turned 2 months old while in Cabo, she is the best baby!
We got to go to an Ole Miss game last weekend.  It was really hot, but we got to see both Grandparents which is always a treat.  Barron talks about them all of the time!
We even got a chance to see Grace.  We may not be the best team this year, but at least we look cute!
Now that I am in my second trimester I am starting to get more energy.  So hopefully I will be finding more time to make updates, if anyone even reads this anymore!  

Friday, July 30, 2010


July just flew by for us.  Yet again, I have not done a good job in updating the blog.  So here is what we were doing this past month.
We went to Vacation Bible School again this year and Barron was able to enjoy it a lot more this time.  I still went with him, which was fun to see him interacting with other kids.  He gets overly excited about everything, it's so sweet.  Here are a couple iphone pics of him and the kids playing:
We are also still working on our swimming.  He is definitely not close yet, but he has gotten use to wearing a puddle jumper.  It's amazing how it lets him float and kick around the pool by himself.  He won't even let me hold onto him anymore.
My parent's have been asking me for a while to let Barron come stay a week with them.  I finally decided to get over my selfishness and let them have him.  It was so weird being at home without him there.  So Bryan and I pretty much worked the entire week, and went out to dinner every night.
 Barron has been calling my Dad, Papa for over a year now, but he will not call my Mom anything. (I can't completely blame him since she has changed her name on him a few times!)  Well this week he came up with her name:  Mama Gah?  Who knows if it will stick.
So Papa and Mama Gah decided to get Barron some golf lessons.  There is a video of the lesson and it is crazy to see him actually swing by himself at the end.
He also got to see a lot of family.  I just wish I was there to see them too!
Papa and Mama Gah took Barron to Memphis to see Aunt Amy and Eric and Mama Gah's family.  Aunt Amy was sweet enough to not only let Barron stay with her, but also to sleep with her that night.
As sad as I am that I was not there for Barron's first visit to the Zoo, I am just glad he got to finally go!

As good as July is for my business, I will be happy to see it go.  I'm ready for a little bit of freedom now that the summer season is about to end.  I'm also ready for a break from the heat, but that won't be happening for a while!

Monday, July 5, 2010

The Past Month...

This has been an extremely busy summer trying to get Willow + Woods opened and spending as much time as possible with my boys.  Pretty much every hour of the day I spend either working or getting home as fast as possible to Barron.  Barron has gotten a lot of Daddy time.  I don't think Barron realizes how lucky he is to have such a wonderful father.  I know I count my blessings every day!
This is what Barron looks like when he eats spaghetti with Dada and not Mama helping him out.  Bryan said Barron decided to put the fork down and start eating it with his hands, it's hard for me to look at.
Barron also likes to pile all of his toys on top of Dada when he is trying to watch tv.  I think it's Barron's way of getting the attention back on himself.
Barron just finished taking swimming lessons.  We had to go 4 days a week for 2 weeks, which was a lot!  I am not really sure how well Barron did.  He does not float at all, but the teacher kept telling me "he has a strong kick." (I think she was just trying to say something positive.)

He is holding on with his life here, because he does NOT like being on his back.  
We also had a visit by Uncle Wiley and Aunt Courtney.  They were sweet enough to come stay with us and I know Barron really enjoyed it.  We love Wawa, we have lots of conversations with him on our fake phone!
I promise I will be back soon!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Memorial Weekend

We were blessed to have both sets of Grandparents as well as Aunt Amy come visit us for Memorial Weekend.  It was fun to think what it would be like to always have them around.  Barron would be in Heaven!  He LOVES being the center of attention and that is where he is when they are around.  It was also my birthday weekend, but birthdays on Memorial Weekend are not much fun if you are a business owner down on the beach.  So while I worked Barron got to play!
I would love to have been a fly on an umbrella and watch those ladies above with Barron.  I'm sure they were holding onto him and not letting him 2 inches from them.
I did get to get away at night time and got to celebrate my birthday.  They were sweet to surprise me with a cake and a special dinner.  Barron is eyeing the cake and about to get into it.
We always do a lot of posting up at the Wine Bar for big weekends but this weekend we were there a whole lot.  My Dad came to town with his cooker and smoked ribs, chicken, and sausage with Bryan for the wine bar.  Barron enjoyed helping them out and hanging out behind the bar...........
and at the bar, and yes "I have a baby at a bar!" (love that quote from Sweet Home Alabama)
I think Barron is going to be like his Mama and love to dance.  Every time we go somewhere where there is music playing he is going to be front and center every time.  But instead of getting his Mama's moves I think he got his Dada's.  
But I will dance with him any day!

{photos courtesy of Aunt Amy}

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Sorry, it's been a while...

Sorry, I have been really bad with keeping up with the blog and we feel really bad...

It has been extremely busy here.  During our extra time we have been getting Barron out to the beach and pool as much as possible.  So this has been what we have been doing during our down time.

Barron's hair is getting blonder and his skin is getting tanner.  He is starting to look like a beach boy!  He is getting a lot better at talking.  He can count to ten and repeat the alphabet.  He can say the first few letters by himself but then he needs help reminding him of the rest.
I am sure a lot of you have heard but the reason I have been so busy is because Celia and I are opening another store.  It will be called Willow + Woods, clothing for men and women.  Here are a few pics of it with nothing in it.  You can see Barron in the background running free.  (but not for long)

I promise I will do better with the blog.  Happy Memorial Weekend!