Saturday, September 26, 2009

Big Feet

As Barron's Mother I feel required to think everything on him is just precious and that is almost entirely true.  Except his feet!  I joke with Bryan that they look like Hobbit feet (from "Lord of the Rings").  Barron's feet are really big and fat.  They are not so much wide as they are high.  Because of this we have had a hard time finding shoes.  He did not wear shoes at all until he turned one.  I decided since he was walking that I had to find something.
Since he was one, he has lived in his Salt Water Sandals.  They did not cover the top of his feet so they worked.  (Barron was nice enough to model all of his shoes for this blog)

His only other option was Crocs.  I was told they were perfect for fat feet.  They may be perfect for most fat feet, but not Barron's.  Every time he wore them he had deep imprints on the top of his feet.  We had to buy such a big size he would trip easily.

So now that fall has officially arrived I had to find him something that would work for cooler temps.  Last weekend we went up to Oxford for the Ole Miss game.  We flew through Memphis and went to Jackson's Shoes, the same store my Mother bought our shoes when we were young.  They had a big selection and showed us which ones wouldn't hurt his arch.  We found two pair (yay).
First are the Extra Wide New Balance...

Barron got a little preoccupied while modeling and started dancing with Bryan.
Hopefully he will get his Mother's moves!
And then a more dressy pair...
I'm just thankful his feet will be covered this winter.  Hopefully his sweet, precious feet will thin out as he does!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

My Silly Child

I have blogged many times at how silly Barron is.  He really does love to entertain and he keeps Bryan and I laughing.  I would love to know sometimes what is going on in his head.  We see this on a regular occurrence.  And no he had not fallen, he was just simply laying there!

I found this photo the other day when I was looking through all of my iPhone photos.  I decided to try to get Barron to be in the exact spot.  

Barron thought I was crazy, but it was really funny doing it!  

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Golf Day

We have now entered our "off season" here at the Beach.  So a lot of the businesses cut back their hours.  The Wine Bar goes from 7 days a week to 6, closing on Mondays.  Bryan has now started using Monday as a golf day.  The last few times he has invited me and Barron to join him on the final 4 holes.  We live on a golf course right by hole 16 so he drives over and picks us up.
As you can imagine Barron loves it.  Riding in a golf cart, running like crazy on a wide open grassy area, and playing with balls!

Barron did get in trouble for stealing the ball before it reached the whole...

And he does not always like to get back in the cart.  He just has too much fun running around.  

Or being silly...
It really is a lot of fun for all of us.  Hopefully Bryan will continue to invite us!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Barron's First Chair

For the last month or so Barron has become obsessed with being able to sit down on his own. He loves the stairs because it is his perfect height.  

So I decided to get him a chair.  I decided on a rocker because I noticed how much he loved rocking himself in mine and Bryan's rocking chairs out front.  I got Rick, a very talented carpenter who can do anything, to make him one.  It is sooo cute.

Barron at first decided to climb on it backwards and rock really fast.

Bryan did not like this!

So Bryan helped Barron out a little.

We eventually got it straight and I think Barron is going to REALLY enjoy it.