Monday, October 18, 2010

We are 95% sure...

So we went to the doctor today in hopes of finding out what the sex is of the babies.  We were at the beach office that does not have the best ultrasound machine.  I have to wait for my next appointment to go to the main office for the big check up to get the 100% ok.
But we decided to let you in on what we were told today:

Barron would not look at the camera once, he was too busy looking at the tv even after we turned it off!
The sex could change again, but Dr. Wolf seemed confident enough to give us 95%.

Monday, October 11, 2010

I failed at my first attempt

Bryan decided to take a last minute trip to the Ryder Cup in Wales.  When this trip started getting planned, I started planning something else in my head, a big surprise for Bryan!  I imagined Bryan walking in the door and picking up Barron and realizing he was wearing big boy underwear.  It was a great dream, but unfortunately that was all it was.
I have heard from lots of people since Barron is a boy to just wait until he is 3 to potty train.  Well since we will have two more babies by then, I decided I have to get this conquered.  Barron does go in the potty a lot for us, but we have never just taken off the diaper.  While Bryan was watching golf and sightseeing in Europe...
I was going to be spending 3 days locked in the house with Barron.  At the start of day 1, I put Barron's new underwear on and of course took pictures.
If you had seen a picture of me at the end of the day, it would have been me crying.  Every time he forgot to tell me first that he had to use the restroom, I continued to replace the underwear, as well as wash my slipcovers.  After the fourth pair, I took them off completely and Barron went around with a t-shirt on only.  Barron continued to get frustrated with me taking him to the restroom, so he threw a temper tantrum every time I tried.  So by afternoon I was resorting to him going outside.  We definitely look like the rednecks of the neighborhood now!  After many mess ups, I decided to give up and wait for Daddy to get home to help me.
So we ended up joining Grandma at the beach for the next two days.

We are going to give it another go soon.  I am pretty sure with Daddy here, Barron will behave a little better!