Tuesday, April 28, 2009


As much as Barron loves Bailey, his focus lately has been on Dylan.  Dylan is a very animated dog that can move quickly and make funny noises.  This is very interesting to a one year old.  From the beginning Dylan has pretty much ignored him.  We figured that was how he was going to react.  Unfortunately, Dylan does not like children.  I blame this on the kids that would come right up to our door and torture him when we lived in Rosemary.
I still cannot tell what Dylan thinks about Barron.  When Barron approaches him, he runs.  Now that Barron is walking this act encourages him even more to chase him.  Dylan has figured out where Barron cannot get to him...

Barron and Dylan do this throughout the day.  I think this game is actually growing on Dylan. He seems to be encouraging it now.

Barron has also become obsessed with the dog bowls.  We keep food in Dylan's bowl all the time because he eats throughout the day.  Because of this I need to keep them on the ground. Well Barron's curiosity has gotten the best of him.  He will not stay away from them.  This is starting to aggravate Dylan and he is actually eating more now.  If he has food in his bowl and he sees Barron walk over there he immediately starts eating.  It is rather funny.  

I would love for them to be amigos one day.  We have seen more interaction between them in the last few weeks than we have seen in a year.  

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

We've Let Go...

I don't know what it is about traveling, but every time we return home from a trip something clicks for Barron.  The night we got home from skiing, Barron began crawling on all fours. Monday we return home from our trip to Mississippi and Barron began walking without any help.  
I left him in the den playing with his toys while Bryan cooked and I did some things on the computer.  The next thing I know I glance over and here comes Barron towards me with the biggest grin on his face.  I was shocked to say the least.  

I guess he is still imagining that he is holding onto us because he leaves his hands up in the air.  

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


This past weekend was so special for me and Bryan.  Not only was it Barron's first Birthday but we also got to celebrate Easter with my parents.  The weather could not have been better.  

My Mother emailed me a neat tidbit on Barron.  Barron's birthday will fall on Easter three times during his lifetime.  First when he is 58 then when he is 69 and again when he is 80.  My Mother's Dads 80th birthday fell on Easter when he turned 80 as well.  Weird!!!  Hopefully Bryan and I will be there to celebrate with him for the first one.
Were still not "officially" walking yet.  He can make it across the room, as long as he is walking towards me or Bryan, he just will not do it for much else.  He loves to walk everywhere and is good at holding on.  If you take your finger out of his grip he immediately stops.  

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Barron Turns 1

Since this year Barron's birthday falls on the day before Easter it was a little hard figuring out what to do for his big day.  We decided to keep it simple and just enjoy the afternoon on the beach.  Of course nothing ever goes as plan and I definitely have a lot to learn on planning a birthday party.  This will be Bryan's last time to play golf on the day of a birthday!!!  We also could not get Barron to take his second nap.  There was nothing else to do so we just went on down to the beach with him. 

Barron became real cranky fast so we went ahead and sang happy birthday to him.  When me and my Mom picked up the cake we didn't notice until we got home that it said Happy Birthday Brannon.  I am the type to just go with it, but decided for his first birthday I better have it right.  So we drove back there and the lady fixed it right away.  I thought it turned out cute.

This was Barron's first time to have anything sweet and he really didn't like it.  
Oh well.  So Bryan decided to help him out.

We ended up having so much fun with our friends and family.  It was a special day that came to fast.  It's been a challenging but rewarding year, I am sad it is over.  

Monday, April 6, 2009

Copy Cat

Barron has become very creative in coming up with ways to keep chewing on his "chewys" and moving to a new area.  He is sooo active right now and always on the go.  I use to get him to sit with me for at least 10 minutes while he chewed away, unfortunately that does not work anymore.  Got to keep moving!

I am not sure if it is that he is creative or a copy cat.  Look familiar?

Since Bailey was born she has always been obsessed with her stuffed animals.  She has never, even as  a puppy, torn up her animals.  When people come over they think she is bringing them a toy to throw.  Well she isn't, she is just greeting you with it in her mouth.  I think she may be rubbing off on her "little man!"