Tuesday, April 28, 2009


As much as Barron loves Bailey, his focus lately has been on Dylan.  Dylan is a very animated dog that can move quickly and make funny noises.  This is very interesting to a one year old.  From the beginning Dylan has pretty much ignored him.  We figured that was how he was going to react.  Unfortunately, Dylan does not like children.  I blame this on the kids that would come right up to our door and torture him when we lived in Rosemary.
I still cannot tell what Dylan thinks about Barron.  When Barron approaches him, he runs.  Now that Barron is walking this act encourages him even more to chase him.  Dylan has figured out where Barron cannot get to him...

Barron and Dylan do this throughout the day.  I think this game is actually growing on Dylan. He seems to be encouraging it now.

Barron has also become obsessed with the dog bowls.  We keep food in Dylan's bowl all the time because he eats throughout the day.  Because of this I need to keep them on the ground. Well Barron's curiosity has gotten the best of him.  He will not stay away from them.  This is starting to aggravate Dylan and he is actually eating more now.  If he has food in his bowl and he sees Barron walk over there he immediately starts eating.  It is rather funny.  

I would love for them to be amigos one day.  We have seen more interaction between them in the last few weeks than we have seen in a year.  

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Leslie said...

These are my favorites so far! Can't wait to see y'all in a couple of weeks!