Tuesday, April 14, 2009


This past weekend was so special for me and Bryan.  Not only was it Barron's first Birthday but we also got to celebrate Easter with my parents.  The weather could not have been better.  

My Mother emailed me a neat tidbit on Barron.  Barron's birthday will fall on Easter three times during his lifetime.  First when he is 58 then when he is 69 and again when he is 80.  My Mother's Dads 80th birthday fell on Easter when he turned 80 as well.  Weird!!!  Hopefully Bryan and I will be there to celebrate with him for the first one.
Were still not "officially" walking yet.  He can make it across the room, as long as he is walking towards me or Bryan, he just will not do it for much else.  He loves to walk everywhere and is good at holding on.  If you take your finger out of his grip he immediately stops.  

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