Sunday, April 12, 2009

Barron Turns 1

Since this year Barron's birthday falls on the day before Easter it was a little hard figuring out what to do for his big day.  We decided to keep it simple and just enjoy the afternoon on the beach.  Of course nothing ever goes as plan and I definitely have a lot to learn on planning a birthday party.  This will be Bryan's last time to play golf on the day of a birthday!!!  We also could not get Barron to take his second nap.  There was nothing else to do so we just went on down to the beach with him. 

Barron became real cranky fast so we went ahead and sang happy birthday to him.  When me and my Mom picked up the cake we didn't notice until we got home that it said Happy Birthday Brannon.  I am the type to just go with it, but decided for his first birthday I better have it right.  So we drove back there and the lady fixed it right away.  I thought it turned out cute.

This was Barron's first time to have anything sweet and he really didn't like it.  
Oh well.  So Bryan decided to help him out.

We ended up having so much fun with our friends and family.  It was a special day that came to fast.  It's been a challenging but rewarding year, I am sad it is over.  

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Anonymous said...

Happy, happy Birthday!! We were thinking about ya'll (& wishin we were there)!! xo Emily & Anne E.