Wednesday, October 21, 2009

18 Month Update

Last week Barron turned 18 months old.  It is crazy how fast a year and a half can go!  I decided to give you a complete update on him.  At his check-up he weighed 29 pounds, 8 ounces making him in the 90%.  He is 34 3/4" tall putting him in 97%, and of course his head size is 97%!  He is a big boy.

Our favorite toy to play with is a ball.  We have 6 of them in the house, so you can imagine how annoying they can be to a Mother wanting a neat house!

Barron's favorite past time is brushing his teeth...

Barron never took to a passy or a blanket, but he does love his Teddy Bear.  Grandmother Krutz gave it to him at my baby shower (and it was a re-gift I might add).  I really didn't know what to do with him.  I decided to make my Mother-in-law happy and place him in Barron's room.  Well I am glad I did.  He has loved that Bear from the start, as you can see from this pic when he was 7 months.

Not to long ago Barron decided he wanted to be rocked to sleep with the Teddy Bear.  He drug the bear over and threw a temper tantrum until I picked up the bear with him.  We really don't have to rock Barron to sleep at night but we do for his nap.  And this is usually how we are doing it...

The things you will do for your children.  The hard part is getting him from that position to his crib!

Barron now thinks he is too big for his highchair and refuses to eat in it.  So I got him a booster seat so  he can eat from the table with us.  He is not the best eater anymore but he will take a few bites here and there.

Barron is a little delayed with his speech.  He can say a few words like Mama, Dada, bye bye and of course No.  He loves to make animal noises for dogs, cows, and sheep.  Barron may not be able to speak much but he definitely knows just about everything we are saying.  He can pretty much point to all of the parts on his body.  Here he is pointing to his teeth (and probably wanting them brushed).

Monday, October 12, 2009

Ole Miss/Alabama game

The last several weeks have been really busy.  We have been to Oxford twice, I have been to New York and Birmingham for work, and Bryan went to California to help his brother's make wine.  All of this said, it has been a lot of fun too!  We got back today from our trip to Oxford to see the Ole Miss/Alabama game.  
Here is Bryan working hard...

While in Oxford, Barron got to see his friend Grace.  We did get a few hugs out of them, but there were also some definite swatting as well!
We have been trying to get Celia to come with us to Oxford for a while.  She decided to come watch her Alabama team play Ole Miss.  She was a huge help and fun to hang out with! Hopefully she will come again.

Barron is quite the handful these days.  My laid back child is not so laid back anymore.  He has to be constantly going.  Here he decided to stop and dance.

And here is the best family photo we could get.  It is not as easy these days!