Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Golf Day

We have now entered our "off season" here at the Beach.  So a lot of the businesses cut back their hours.  The Wine Bar goes from 7 days a week to 6, closing on Mondays.  Bryan has now started using Monday as a golf day.  The last few times he has invited me and Barron to join him on the final 4 holes.  We live on a golf course right by hole 16 so he drives over and picks us up.
As you can imagine Barron loves it.  Riding in a golf cart, running like crazy on a wide open grassy area, and playing with balls!

Barron did get in trouble for stealing the ball before it reached the whole...

And he does not always like to get back in the cart.  He just has too much fun running around.  

Or being silly...
It really is a lot of fun for all of us.  Hopefully Bryan will continue to invite us!

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