Monday, July 5, 2010

The Past Month...

This has been an extremely busy summer trying to get Willow + Woods opened and spending as much time as possible with my boys.  Pretty much every hour of the day I spend either working or getting home as fast as possible to Barron.  Barron has gotten a lot of Daddy time.  I don't think Barron realizes how lucky he is to have such a wonderful father.  I know I count my blessings every day!
This is what Barron looks like when he eats spaghetti with Dada and not Mama helping him out.  Bryan said Barron decided to put the fork down and start eating it with his hands, it's hard for me to look at.
Barron also likes to pile all of his toys on top of Dada when he is trying to watch tv.  I think it's Barron's way of getting the attention back on himself.
Barron just finished taking swimming lessons.  We had to go 4 days a week for 2 weeks, which was a lot!  I am not really sure how well Barron did.  He does not float at all, but the teacher kept telling me "he has a strong kick." (I think she was just trying to say something positive.)

He is holding on with his life here, because he does NOT like being on his back.  
We also had a visit by Uncle Wiley and Aunt Courtney.  They were sweet enough to come stay with us and I know Barron really enjoyed it.  We love Wawa, we have lots of conversations with him on our fake phone!
I promise I will be back soon!

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