Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Memorial Weekend

We were blessed to have both sets of Grandparents as well as Aunt Amy come visit us for Memorial Weekend.  It was fun to think what it would be like to always have them around.  Barron would be in Heaven!  He LOVES being the center of attention and that is where he is when they are around.  It was also my birthday weekend, but birthdays on Memorial Weekend are not much fun if you are a business owner down on the beach.  So while I worked Barron got to play!
I would love to have been a fly on an umbrella and watch those ladies above with Barron.  I'm sure they were holding onto him and not letting him 2 inches from them.
I did get to get away at night time and got to celebrate my birthday.  They were sweet to surprise me with a cake and a special dinner.  Barron is eyeing the cake and about to get into it.
We always do a lot of posting up at the Wine Bar for big weekends but this weekend we were there a whole lot.  My Dad came to town with his cooker and smoked ribs, chicken, and sausage with Bryan for the wine bar.  Barron enjoyed helping them out and hanging out behind the bar...........
and at the bar, and yes "I have a baby at a bar!" (love that quote from Sweet Home Alabama)
I think Barron is going to be like his Mama and love to dance.  Every time we go somewhere where there is music playing he is going to be front and center every time.  But instead of getting his Mama's moves I think he got his Dada's.  
But I will dance with him any day!

{photos courtesy of Aunt Amy}

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