Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Cabo Tme (part II)

Well we had a fairly easy trip to Cabo, or at least I did.  While Bryan lugged around all of our luggage I had people coming over to check on me.  Here is Bryan and Barron taking a break while waiting on the plane to arrive.  

Barron really enjoyed having a lot of people around to give him plenty of attention.  He definitely knows how to entertain a crowd.  (even if he has to take a break to have some milk!)

I tried to make sure he did not get too much sun, so I kept this rash guard on him while he was out in the sun.

We had fun taking Barron out on the green to play.  It seems that every picture I got of him he was running.  That made for some funny pics.  I think Bryan looks the funniest here:

Here is Barron with some of his Grandparents, they were sweet and it made me wander what it would be like to have them around all of the time:

Some of the men let Barron in on the wine talk.  We all bring our alloted amount to Cabo even discussing before hand the amounts of white and red.  With all of that being said a lot of good ones come so there is a lot of discussions about them.  Barron was just glad to be a part of it!

One last pic of the Krutz family (excluding a few little ones):

See you later alligator...

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