Saturday, March 21, 2009

Spring Time

Last summer Barron was too young to get to do much outside. Now that he is older I am looking forward to this spring and summer. Just about daily now we are making a trip somewhere to play. Bryan's parents came to town so of course the first night we were at the beach watching the sunset.

It is taking some time, but we are slowly warming up to the sand.

Barron absolutely loves water, I am sure like most babies. When he hears me start his bath water he comes crawling in as fast as he can up to the tub. He will not allow me to move him away from it so I have to un-dress him right there. I figured he would like the ocean but did not know for sure. Well we could not get there fast enought.

We walked up and right after this picture was taken got drenched. It did not bother him one bit.

We were gross by the time we left but had fun.

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Anonymous said...

Cindy, Barron is growing so fast & is absolutely precious! But this note is to say how great YOU look!!! Love the bangs!!
XO Emily