Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Columbus Visit

This past weekend the entire Krutz household (including the dogs) traveled to Columbus.  My parents had not seen Barron since Christmas so I was so excited for them to see how much he has changed.  When we last left Columbus, Barron was not moving at all on his own.  We all had a great time watching Barron crawl around.  He has some pretty distinct moves!
We came to Columbus so I could go to one of my best friend's announcement party. My sister, Amy, was nice enough to babysit Barron while we went.  She is so good with him and so much more of an Aunt than I could have ever imagined.

We also have fun hanging out with Grandmom.   It was really cold in Columbus and I forgot to bring Barron a jacket.  My Mom went and found one of my Dad's when he was young to put on him.  I think it is so cute.

My parent's lab, Peyton, gets jealous of the attention Barron gets.  Here she is trying to get the focus back on her.

I have had so many people tell me they think Barron looks like my Dad.  I really never saw it until they were hanging out together.  This picture may be hard to tell.

My Dad protecting Barron from his lab, Peyton.
No, that is not a cigar in Barron's mouth, it's my Dad's duck call.  It is soft and great for Barron to chew on.  He is getting his 9th tooth so a little grumpy.  He was not happy when we took it away.

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