Wednesday, February 18, 2009


In the neighborhood that we live there is a great little playground for kids.  Since Barron is so young I am just getting to enjoy it.  I have taken him over there 3 times in the last month. It is nice to get him and me out of the house.  
Pretty much the only thing Barron can do is swing.  My first time I stuck him in it he could not stop laughing.  

We thought it would be fun to bring the dogs along.  If you are wondering Barron did not walk over to Bailey, we placed him on her.  It turned out well!

I know you may not can tell we have another dog so I tried my hardest to get a shot of him with Barron.  This was all we could get of Barron and Dylan.  (You can also tell who does not behave since he is the only one with a leash on.)

Dylan has started showing Barron a little bit of affection.  When we returned home from skiing Dylan ran up to Barron and licked him all over.  It was nice to see.