Wednesday, February 11, 2009

On all fours!

I have made 2 different blogs saying that I did not think Barron would ever crawl on all fours.  Well I was wrong!!!  I do not know what happened but something clicked Saturday night after we got home from Colorado.  I was getting Barron's bath going when I looked back to see him entering the bathroom on his knees.  It was hilarious.  He does not go the full distance on his knees, he goes about 4 steps and then reverts back to the soldier crawl.

Even though we are perfecting the crawling I think we may be walking soon.  Barron has started putting his hands beside him so that he is standing there on his own.  He can stand there for about 20 seconds or so.  He gets real excited and then looses his balance.  He has also realized that if you get on your knees its easier to pull yourself up.  Here he is being a typical Krutz watching the sunset!

Barron was so sweet to come help me with the dishes:

Yesterday I was having the hardest time to get Barron to take his second nap of the day.  He is just not as tired as he used to be.  I decided to just put him in his crib and leave.  I went down stairs and was listening to him over the monitor (which is not a video monitor but have now gotten one) when he started making weird noices.  I went up there and this is what I see:

A lot has happened in the last 2 weeks so I can only imagine what he will be doing in the next.  It is sad to see the immobile stage go but I am so excited for him at the same time.  Watching him learn is very rewarding.