Thursday, June 11, 2009

Courtney and Wiley get Married

On May 30 my little brother, Wiley, got married to the sweetest girl, Courtney.  The minute I met Courtney I knew she would fit into our family immediately.  Wiley even proposed to Courtney in the same town and date (one day off) that Bryan proposed to me but 5 years later.  Weird!!!

There was a lot for us to do that weekend so my Mom found a lady from Church to watch Barron, Essie Belle.  She was very good with him and was a huge help.  She even brought him to the Church so that he could get his picture taken with us.

Barron and Wiley getting ready to go to the Church.  How cute are they?
Barron decided to walk around and sip on his sippy cup by holding it himself pretty much for the first time!!!  He loves some apple juice.

Wiley was generous enough to let Barron wear one of his old outfits.  It was the prettiest thing!  We got some great pictures out of it.  Over all the weekend went by way to fast and was very emotional for me, but was also one of the best.


Leslie said...

Love all the pictures! Thanks so much for posting!

Courtney said...

hey cindy! you are too sweet!!!! i love the pics! miss you and love you!

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