Thursday, May 21, 2009

How fun can the kitchen be?

My friend's have been telling me for a while "just wait until he turns 1, it is going to get real fun!" I did not believe them, I thought he was already fun, until now.  Barron is always getting into something, he LOVES to open doors and drawers and then close them.  My wonderful husband has still not completely "baby-proofed" the kitchen.  Well, Barron knows exactly which drawers are not!

It is so funny to watch him get into the cabinets and find some really fun toys!

He definitely does not like to share his toys...
Barron has also some how learned to put things up.  All of his toys are in baskets and I have been noticing that after he plays with them he actually puts them back in the baskets.  Crazy, I know.  Well this process has started with other things.  The other day he picked up one of Bailey's toys and decided to "put it up as well."

Finally, put away...

Barron is so fun to watch.  He is understanding more and more by the day.  I am so thankful for him, he always seems to brighten my day.

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erika said...

That dog toy fit so perfectly next to the Ziploc bags... he knew exactly what he was doing!
Next time you come to my office you should bring him, I need some help getting stuff put away!!