Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day!!!

I want to wish Bryan a happy first father's day. He has been such an amazing dad, I am so lucky to have him. Thank You. This was Bryan and Barron hanging out this morning.

Well, today is a morning of mixed emotions. Barron slept through the night last night!!! Yeah!!! But, he did it by sleeping on top of Bryan in the den. We know that is his favorite position and we normally do that with him at some point in the night. It mostly falls around 5:00 am though. Last night he woke up around 10:30 pm, and we wanted him to miss the next feeding that was about to happen. So Bryan volunteered to lay with him on the couch until he woke back up. Well he didn't. The little booger decided to sleep the rest of the night, unbelievable. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.


Leslie said...

Happy Fathers Day Bryan!

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