Monday, November 26, 2007

Hello Again,

My older brother and sister wanted to let everyone know what I am. My father

was completely against the taking of this picture but my Mother did it anyway.

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. It was my first Turkey experience and

it was wonderful!!! Thanks Grandmom Krutz.


Baby Krutz


elizabethholcombe said...

it's a boy! congratulations! i am glad to see the siblings are as excited as you and krutz.

Leslie said...

I am so excited for you all about the boy! At least Dillon is acting like he is excited at this point. The pictures are amazing. I can't wait to meet you this spring.
Aunt Les

Amy Hutchins said...

Hello my Nephew!! I can't believe how big you have become in Mommy's Tummy!! I am also thankful at how excited Dylan and Bailey (your sis and Bro) are pretending to be in the picture:)!
I love you and love the updates on how your doing in Momma's Tummy!
Aunt Amy

Rachel said...

Nice to meet you Baby Krutz! This is your second cousin, Rachel, but you can just call me Aunt Rachel to make it easy. You have such a wonderful older brother and sister (Bailey and Dylan) that I know are so excited about your arrival!! I can already tell that you are a handsome little boy, and I can't wait to me you to see what an incredible person you are:)

Stephen said...

Hey Baby Krutz, your Aunt Amy talks about you ALL THE TIME. She can't wait to spoil you rotten. I'm excited that you will be here for a new era of Ole Miss football. There are so many Sugar Bowls in your future. Can't wait to party with you on Bourbon Street. Hotty Toddy, Stephen.

Stephen said...
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Amy Hutchins said...

Hello Again, My Love- I can't help but be selfish and say that I already thought you were a MALE!:)- my NEPHEW! I will probably get you into trouble with Mom and Dad b/c I seem to stay in trouble with them- but they LOVE US- that is why they are difficult!!- Mom stays Moody as it is- especially now- b/c of you- please come out soon- so she will stop bitching!!

Love you and can't wait to hang out!!

Kate Sistrunk said...

I am so excited you are going to be a handsome little boy!! Now Lily can have someone to play with. Don't move around to much in your mommy's belly because it can really hurt! I can not wait to meet you, not to much longer! :)

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