Friday, January 11, 2008

Jeffrey Barron Krutz

As Baby Krutz's Mother I have decided to post this blog myself. It has taken Bryan and I many weeks to decide on his name. It was a lot harder process than I ever had imagined. To think that you are responsible for naming someone for their entire life it becomes a big deal.

We finally decided on Jeffrey Barron Krutz. He will go by his middle name, Barron. I know many of you may disagree with calling someone by their middle name but we decided to do it anyway.

The name Jeffrey came from my father's brother that I never got to meet but was named after. Barron is Cherry Krutz's maiden name.

I hope everyone has a wonderful 2008 and I will update the blog the next time I get an ultrasound.

Thanks for checking on us.



erika said...

can't wait to meet Barron. Chance and all his brothers go by their middle name... and they have turned out just fine! :) glad all is well with you! MISS YOU!

Amy said...

Aunt Amy loves the name!! Mom and Dad- you did well! It has a beautiful flow and the fact that you were able to get in names from each side of the family will mean a lot to everyone. How sweet!! I am so excited!! Barron- hurry up because your Aunt Amy is anxious to see you!

Lauren J said...

What a beautiful name, and one that honors both families! I know that Jeffrey Barron will be just as sweet and as handsome and as well-loved as the Jeffrey for whom he will be named. My love to you all.

(Soon-to-be) Great Aunt Lauren

Leslie said...

I absolutely love the name!! It is one he will certainly be proud of. I cannot wait to meet him. Tell him to hurry up!

Aunt Great

KATE said...

I LOVE IT!! I can not wait to meet him! I miss you so much!

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