Thursday, September 11, 2008

5 Months

Today, Barron is 5 months old. I decided to get the picture out of when we brought him home from the hospital to see how much he has grown. He does not even look like the same baby. In the first picture he is weighing about 8 pounds, now he is weighing over 18 pounds. I think the funniest is the difference in his leg size. Pretty funny!!!
Two days ago, Barron had 2 teeth come through. They are on the bottom front. We attempted to take a picture of them but it failed miserably.


Emily said...

Love this, Cindy! Great idea to do the contrasting photos!!! and you are right - he looks HUGE! Very sweet smile on that very sweet face!

Hollie said...

Cindy, he looks so much like you. He's too cute!

Aunt Amy said...

Ok- I must have missed this one the last time I looked at the blog, but he had to have gained 9 of those 10 pounds in his thighs:) Too cute and too sweet.. I could eat him up! Love you both
Aunt Amy

The Krutz's: said...

uh oh! I am now a bit nervous knowing that Barron was only 18 pounds at 5 months. Baby P is just under 21 lbs! my back hurts just thinking about it! :)

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