Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Developing Like Crazy!!!

I am a pretty competitive person so it has been worrying me that Barron was not sitting up yet. I told Bryan that I was going to work on it all week so that he was doing it by the time he turned 7 months. Finally, last Thursday something clicked and he started being able to balance himself, so we got it right before we turned 7 months (which was yesterday).

We went to lunch Sunday after Church and Bryan decided to put him in a highchair, which was his first time. He got very excited, I think he realized that he was sitting up at a table like us. The chair was pretty hard so we put some towels for comfort.

So now I have moved on to helping him learn how to crawl. For the last few weeks I have started putting him up on his knees. Immediately he would push him out so that he was on his stomach again. Yesterday, I put him on his knees and he stayed. He even started rocking front to back. I definitely think we still have another month or so but he looked so cute in that position.