Saturday, December 27, 2008


I cannot tell you how much we enjoyed Christmas this year. Barron is at an age that is really fun. I did not realize until this past week how much of an entertainer he is. It was fun to watch him interact with my family and keep everyone laughing.
On Christmas Eve, we had my Granddad, Aunt Lauren, and Aunt Leslie over for Turkey Dinner.

Later that night, Bryan and Wiley put together Barron's toys while we watched Christmas Vacation.

The next morning we dressed Barron up as Santa Claus and brought him in the room to see his presents. Bryan wanted to video "Barron's view of entering the room." Barron learned to clap a few weeks ago and is obsessed with it. That is what he is doing here:

Grandmom and Granddad Hutchins gave Barron this blue car. It has been a hit!

Santa Claus left Barron this rocking horse. We have a little longer until we can really play on it, but it looks cute in his room!

Aunt Amy and Uncle Wiley entertaining Barron in his car!

Every year on Christmas day the men go hunting after Brunch and usually the women go to a movie. The men still went but Amy and Mom were nice enough to stay home with me and Barron.

Traveling to Mississippi got easier when we purchased a Suburban back in August. We are able to take with us pretty much everything that Barron needs, by doing that we are always full. We were pretty packed down heading to Mississippi so you can imagine how packed we were leaving after Christmas. Bryan was able to fit everything in and even found some room for Bailey and Dylan.


KricketM said...

hey! We wound up using two yakima boxes for the top of the SUV... they hold a lot of stuff and free up space for the doggies! We do NOT travel light!! ha ha... sounds like ya'll don't either! A Suburban has been on our minds as well.

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