Sunday, January 4, 2009

Barron's Moves

As precious as I think a baby is that crawls, I have been informed that Barron probably will not. I also think a baby with a pacifier in their mouth is precious and Barron hated them. Oh well, he does many other things that I think are adorable and I guess I will hope for the next child to do those things. I don't know for sure, but I was told by a reliable source that once they start pulling themselves with their hands and on their belly's they usually do not crawl.  It's pretty hilarious to watch but he actually can get to those toys that he use to not be able to.  Sometimes he will get on all fours until he sees something he wants and gets back on the belly to slither over there.
We have gotten good at standing.  He can pretty much stand on his own while holding onto something.  We are still figuring out the moving of the feet, it's coming.  

He loves Bailey, but he is starting to get a little rough with her.  He doesn't understand to be gentle yet, he just loves her ears and tries to pull them.  She is always sweet and stays there while he does it.  


Leslie said...

Great Pictures! You are so lucky that he never took to a pacifer! His teeth and bite will be in better shape and you will not have that fight to get rid of! I am certainly no expert of any type but I am still betting he crawls! If not...he already looks cute standing!

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