Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Barron meets Patrick

Last Wednesday Bryan's brother Patrick and his wife Rebecca came to visit and brought their 7 week son, Patrick.  Barron has never been around a baby that was younger than him and we were all interested in how he was going to react.  For 9 months now Barron has been the only "baby in town."  Bryan's parents decided they had to come if they were going to have both Grand-baby's in one place.  

Barron of course wanted to make sure his Grandmother new how much he loved him, especially now that he has competition.  Here he is giving her a kiss!!!

Barron really was sweet to Patrick.  He really wanted to touch him.  I of course was always scared he was going to scratch or hit him.  But for the most part he was pretty gentle.

It was hard to take a picture of both of them without anybody else in it.  For one Patrick doesn't sit up and then Barron is not big enough to hold him.  But we got a few.

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Leslie said...

Great new pics! He is sooooo cute-makes you just want to squeeze him!