Sunday, July 19, 2009

Busy Week

This week began on Monday with Grandma and Papa Hutchins (their new names for now) leaving town.  Tuesday and Wednesday Barron and I went to Vacation Bible School at our Church, Point Washington Methodist.  Thursday my sister, Amy, came to town with her boyfriend, Eric and they just left today.
Barron was a few months too young for Vacation Bible School but they said I could bring him and stay with him.  I thought it would be a good experience for him so I decided to do it.  I only remembered my camera one day but I got a few really cute shots.  I hate to admit it but Barron was not the best student.  He wanted to do what he wanted to do and would scream and cry if I directed him another way!  I even think he may have been the worst kid in the room.  In the end he really had the time of his life.

Here he is not listening to what the teacher was saying and walking up and down on this table.  I tried several times to get him to stop and he would scream so I decided to just let him keep doing it.

I have done a few posts before on Barron's buddy, Josh.  This spring and summer have been pretty busy so we have not gotten them together that often.  Every time we do Barron instantly recognizes him and loves all over him.  So when Barron got to see Josh at VBS this is what happened...

On Thursday Aunt Amy came to town and got to give Barron lots of kisses...

We had a fun weekend with her and Eric.  Barron warmed up quick to both of them.  Hope they come back soon!

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