Sunday, July 5, 2009

July 4th Weekend

This was the first July 4th since we've lived here that we have not had family in town with us.  Bryan had to work a lot so I decided to pack us up and go stay in Rosemary at the Krutz's beach house.  It allowed Barron and I to stay around in Rosemary longer so we could hang out with Bryan.  It was a lot of fun!
Barron is obsessed with the fountain in the back yard.  Every time we went out back I ended up having to strip him down because he would get so wet.

We also had fun swinging on the swing. (he pretty much stayed in diapers only in the backyard.)

The three years we lived in Rosemary, Bailey and Dylan were more known than we were.  The Montessori Academy in Rosemary would walk their pre-schoolers by our house every day so they could see them.  This is what they would see:

This time in Rosemary this is what you would see...

and then of course the fourth.

Here is a picture of Bryan and Barron last July 4th and then of course one from this one.  The difference a year makes!