Sunday, November 29, 2009

Thankful for Family

Every Thanksgiving we head to Jackson to spend time with the Krutz family.  With it being so busy at the beach we never can go for very long.  It was a short trip but a lot of fun.  Not only did we get to celebrate Thanksgiving with the family but we also got to be there for Patrick's first birthday.
Barron and Patrick had a lot of fun playing with each other.

I think their favorite toy ended up being a phone (even pretend ones).

On Wednesday Patrick turned one.  Cherry made a Cookie Monster cake and then we opened presents.

It was a little hard for Barron to realize the presents were not all for him!

Thanksgiving day the men helped out with entertaining the boys while the women cooked.  They decided to play videos for them on Cole's computer.

Then Bryan and Patrick got a little side-tracked and shooted out to the hot tub.  Must be nice!

Like always we had great wine with great food!

Before we left I decided we had to get the boys in the tub together.

But I think Rebecca and I had more fun watching them than they did playing.

Sorry for the long post, just a lot to cover.  Happy Holidays!!!

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