Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Halloween 2009

Halloween is such a fun time around here.  Friday night the adults went to Alys Beach for what is becoming the "party of the year" here on 30A.  Bryan's Aunt Emily and cousin Anne Elizabeth were sweet enough to stay with Barron so we could have a big night out.
Here are Bryan and I as Betty and Barney Rubble...

On Saturday we let Barron do the dressing up.  It was hard for us to decide what Barron was going to be for Halloween.  Bryan helped me and we thought it was the perfect outfit.  We decided on an elephant!

Unfortunately, when we were picking it out we were not thinking about it being the Alabama mascot!  Bryan got a lot of slack for it.  Barron was even called Big Al...yuck!  We will definitely keep in mind other school's mascots from here on out.  For most of the night Barron was trying to take off the head piece...

We got to see a lot of Barron's friends but he would not be still long enough to take pictures with them.  He did enjoy seeing his older buddy, Fordham, as Spider Man.

What a fun weekend.  We already can't wait until next year!

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